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Unforgettable May 2021

After a successful online shekinah meet (May 2). I went to the airport along with Abel and Sam to pick up Preetha and her daughters Mercy and Betsy to drop them in Walajabad for quarantine. After prayer, I returned to Gaw center along with the boys around 2 am. Few days I haven’t slept well due to the shekinah meet, I asked Joshua to give me something to drink and after having that I went into my room for a rest.

May 3: I had a good sleep and woke up in the evening but couldn’t have any food then I prayed and went back to rest. The next day, I felt something strange body aches, tastelessness in the mouth, so on immediately I called our dear brother Dr. Saravanan. He said it’s better to take a test and prescribe some medicines for immediate action. He arranged for private home testing, but my family was ready to take me to Walajabad under the leading of God through my brother.

May 5: I took bath and got ready by evening, a car came to pick me up and I felt a little uneasy and the very moment I reached the place, couldn’t stop cough so headed to lie on the couch. 

Preetha, Vi ctoria and Joshua were there around me. They were l ittle afraid to see my condition and s tarted to take care by giving me l iquid food along with medi cations . My condition grew severe. At times I s truggled to take breathe. My oxygen level s were lowering down but prayerful ly the fir s t few days of l iquid food, next week semi-l iquid fol lowed by different cour ses of food at timely interval s made it al l . At times I couldn’t speak , wal k and al l my s trength was gone. After almos t 25 to 28 days of fight, I s tarted recovering and attended the fir s t meet on May 30 for a Sunday devotion. Those 28 days I felt almos t different in al l ways . I had no communi cation with people except 2 or 3 who were tak ing care of me. Many things happened around me, shock s and many spiritual bles s ings and goodnes s happened then.

    “Love, care and affection are the best medicine "  

Big dilemma – He leads: One morning I got a call from Bahrain saying Bro Jaba: you have to take care of my kids! Me: What?

 That was the shocking news they were affected with corona. My brother and his family underwent corona during January’21 and my brother Jaba rang me up to convey the message and started to tell me that I need to take care of kids, it was painful but I was not understanding the severity as we have risked ourselves to distribute food to the homeless and needy since March 2020. I said God will heal and I will also pray. But God was preparing them for a latter usage. By this time, they were well prepared with syrups, homemade kashayams(syrups), food, and remedies required for this disease.

They booked tickets to fly to India in well advanced time. But unfortunately, the conditions in India were severe and soon there were a lot of regulations. The family in Bahrain was in great dilemma and had to go through many hurdles. They prayed and urged in spirit to go if the flight is not canceled.

Their flight was the last one to come. Preetha, Mercy, and Betsy arrived on May 2 nd night and they had to wait for more than 2hours in the airport as it took time for us to finish shekinah and reach the airport. We took them to Walajabad where they planned to stay for self-quarantine for a while.

I returned back to the GAW center. By 4th Bro. Jaba perceived something is not right and he tried to contact me, my phone was not reachable he reached me through Joshua after few struggles, he advised me to go to Walajabad where Preetha was staying. I was not convinced as I thought I shouldn’t trouble them.

He sent Preetha and Victoria directly to the GAW center to see my situation. They too urged me but I said will see for the next day as I had an appointment to take the test. The next day May 5 in the morning I was convinced to go to Walajabad rather than take the test. DrSaravanan was astonished as everything was kept ready instruments, medicines and handmade remedies, and so on. He said “like a mother”, your brother and family took care of everything. 

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The God of future – He prepares

Every day morning Preetha would come with a big smile to monitor my vitals and she was so bold enough to handle every situation with calm and strength. She was a pillar of strength. Every needs small or big was attended so carefully and immediately. Can’t give thanks in simple words. One small example is the toilet which I was using is Indian and I struggled initially. Immediately a plastic chair was cut and shaped to fit and make it useful, such as their care and attention. I don’t have words to express it. Faithfull and hardworking Joshua, fearless Victoria, careful and prayerful cook Jabakirubai and smiley Grace are the ones who attended and helped me so diligently.

The captain of the ship was Bro Jaba who took the situation in total control with all diligent steps and decisions. Sometimes he handled very hard, delicate and dark things with great care and god’s guidance. Last but not least the children, after 2 weeks of bed slowly the children came to talk and inspire me. They took me for a walk, play and then entertain me with songs and dance, these folks made things very lighter for me. This is a very vital part in any recovery.

Every time my face became dull children use to come and ask me why? They will try to change my sad and dull part into a bright and happy way. Love, care, and affection in unmeasured doses are really a great treatment than any other medicines or hospital care instead money can buy. Why did God cover me? Why this has happened? I would like to share that were taught and written during this journey of my life. As the psalmist says this was like a serenity under the ocean, reminds silence of today and the value of death, this has all given me a new chapter in my life that’s unforgettable.

Spiritual Strength - soar like an eagle

Not by my will not by my strength but by the spirit of God it’s possible. I thank God for the spiritual exercises and strength during these times.The first encounter I remembered during this sick bedtime was a day when I choked heavily and my strength was deteriorating. Preetha and Joshua came and assisted me with food and care while they were about to leave, suddenly my spirit soared with this song

“sirumayum elimayum ana en mel ‘’ 

my whole spirit melted by just whispering that song, tears started rolling since they haven’t left the room, I was controlling it. The moment they left the room I played that song and tears started rolling down and I can’t control or express that feeling right now. I was like a child crying to his father. I received a new experience that night and I totally surrendered to God for his will and work. Few songs that consoled and touched me:

“kalangidathe nee thigaithidaathae nee…”;

“I raise a hallelujah….”

After few days I even lost the strength to speak but at times the spirit of God used to fill and I would speak in tongues in loud voice for few moments and then I will go into strengthless moments this used to happen many times and it strengthened me spiritually.During these times I used to ask Preetha and Joshua to pray in my room it really helped me, sometimes I joined invoice with them and sometimes I was silent as I couldn’t, but it was of great help.During that period, I had many visions and dreams. Whatever I remember I’m just writing here but I wish I could have written them all.2 nd day of my stay in Walajabad I had a dream which I shared with Preetha and after that, I forgot it was reminded to me on May 26

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Visions, Dreams - God's communication tools

 In my first dream, I saw some frightening images through the window which are up against me but my father opened the door and was dealing with it so casually and it looked simple which was so frightening to me. The second one there was a meeting and some of our old guys were present there, 2 were wearing white clothes and when I entered one was leaving telling to me that he had other work to join as this is over.The third one was like a big gathering where many new youths are seen and the meeting was so successful.

All these dreams came on May 7 th I shared this with Preetha in a half-conscious state after I forgot those. God was showing me many dreams and visions saying that he is preparing for the next level of ministry, also he gave me new spiritual desires too. I saw many people who went to be with the lord earlier, in my dreams. May 13th to 17th: I had a new song with lyrics and tune. Every morning I used to have that song and I was telling myself that this song is written for Vinod and he will sing in Tamil and Telugu. The song says that for me and death is just one foot away Tamil lines ……

After 17th it stopped and I couldn’t proceed further. Even I told Preetha and I asked Jaba to give me my phone to record this, but things have happened mysteriously. After this, there were many heavenly visions and on May 26th when Preetha came in the morning, she asked me how was the night. I said it was so nice as I had again a heavenly vision. On that day I saw Geetha traveling in a bus alone and I called her loudly by her name she popped out, her face was dull and she said something to me which is still in my ears, after that, she was looking for Nathan to carry on.

After this dream I saw Dr. D.G.S Dhinakaran talking with me, it was all about ministry and the talk was so intimate. I was amazed as I never met him before when he was alive. By this time Bro. Jaba decided to convey the news of the demise of Bro. Vinod departure. I was totally broken and devastated, but the visions do strengthen and consoled me. I went into the presence of God crying and asking about this. Why did he covered me? why this has happened? Wondering how the ministry will go to the next level as he promised having taken the tool to stir me to start this ministry. God spoke through John 12:24. He has taken him to minister in spirit and has been seeded for his family and the vision. May 29, I had another beautiful dream. Brother Vinod and his father came to GAW center with a bag full of money and handed over them to Joshua and left.

When I came to Gaw center it was there I inquired about that, they said Vinod anna and his father gave this. Immediately I called him to check on this and he said that this was given “as a sacrificial offering for god’s work”. This gave me a lot of courage and hope. It helped me to address the first meeting on May 30 Sunday with little strength. God is in control of every situation and he writes our destiny by adding new chapters and pages that can stand as a testament for his goodness, faithfulness, and his mercies. God is strengthening me in recovery now. I thank God and all my beloved ones from Gaw and all across the world who prayed and wished for me.

Thank You


Bro.Alfred Benjamin