I thank the Lord; God has done so many miracles in my life during this time of Corona. During my three months in the Lord's house, the Lord provided for me everything that I needed. 

The Lord not only gave me many dreams and visions and enriched me, but also helped me to reform and change my dream, and the Lord taught me how to talk, to whom, and how to behave as I had many challenges due to my disability. In Loneliness God Guided Me. He was my Father, Mother, Friend and Courage. God also gave me a change in my spiritual life. Food and clothing requirements were also met. He did in my life what I believed and prayed for. On my birthday the Lord held me in glory and gentleness and did more than 

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 I could think of and desire on that day. The Lord graciously placed me in His tabernacle in April, May, and June, as promised in 2021, that I would make you the best in glory, honor, and praise. So many things that the LORD hath done unto me in times of trouble, I thank the LORD. Glory to the Lord!


Bro . Vinod Gideon