Praise the Lord

By the immeasurable grace of God, He gave a beautiful family, good work, and blessings more than I asked from the Lord. Life was moving in peace like this, then suddenly like the army of Pharaoh invaded, the plague of Corona changed the whole situation.I am obliged to go into detail about the consequences and anxieties in the personal life caused by this, and above all how the hand of the Lord saved me from this deadly disease. 23 March Morning Time, life started with prayer, as usual, I left the office with full enthusiasm and along the way, I was able to see many people actively going to work towards their future and students going to school. 

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I reached the office, within a few hours of starting work, a call came in from the manager to everyone, we all went to the meeting room. There was a lot of laughter and anticipation on everyone's face. Because it is March (financial year ending) when everyone gets a pay rise. The manager came and sat down, there was no smile on his face and there was a lot of anxiety. The next moment fear and anticipation infected our faces. He opened his mouth in a few seconds and said that we will not have work for a month from today and do not know whether the office will be opened next month or not and did not stop, to the final dashing point he said that only 50% of last month's salary will be paid.

Couldn't even speak against him. We shut our mouths and walked out. Concerns about the future and thoughts of the daily expenses for this month began to surface, and the office was locked that afternoon, and we were all sent home. As I left, I was infected with confusion and fear all the way. Yet songs filled with the words of God and hope was ringing in my ear.I sat in the train and started praying that he (God) would take care of me. It changed my mind. I happily entered the house. The idea has come to spend this holiday happily with the family. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable but I began to realize how much God has given me, the loved ones, and all the good things. Days passed….it turned into two months. I liked this new experience,  

Again, a big shock at the job, I was expecting the third-month salary, but news came that no one would be paid half the salary anymore. As soon as I heard this I began to tremble, not for the money, but for not being able to find work anywhere else in this situation.

I prayed and was confident that faithful God who knew me from a young age would take care of me and so I travelled towards these lockdown days as usual. The fourth month began, with no money even to buy groceries, kids were at home and we didn’t even get out to buy groceries, however, we managed.With the small leftover, we were able to touch for ten days and then we came to nil. Confusion and fear re-infected. I began to cry and pray to my God. I started calling him all night long, God made me realize something in the early morning. God knows all this in advance and made me talk to my House owner last January instead of paying rent rather I would like to take lease for this house since my wife was also pregnant. Initially, the owner refused but he came back surprisingly asking for a lower value. For us it was right. But we do not have that much money, God who made this perfect plan in advance, will not tarry? In two days with the help of my wife's sister and my friend that money was arranged by my miraculous God.

If my God had not done this, I would be standing in the middle of the street today unable to pay rent. When I realize that what my God has done, I would walk in the hope that He would do it in the future also. Thus, the days passed.At a time when I was confused as to how many days I would be out of work, I got announced that my friend's office had an opening with few relaxations, which he was sharing with me at the right time. I went along with my friend a little hesitant but after my visit, I was well prepared and saw God’s hand in preparing this in advance for me. Till I join this I started praying for work, went to some places for interviews but did not get it, one day I got a call from my old office that I could come to work but only get a 25% salary and I agreed that it was ok. I would go to work where I went and spend more time every day on the train crying and praying for another job. This situation was like the one I went through ten years ago. Peaceful times were as little as life without laughter. Little by little I began to lose hope and faith in the Lord.  

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At the same time doctors marked the date of delivery for my wife at such a time. Life was dark and deafened. But mysterious God heard my screaming. My friend called me and said there is a job opening, which will be very difficult for you, and described it as it was a new field for me. As he spoke, I began to feel the pre-arranged actions of my God. Tears began to come in my eyes. 

I accepted with full faith that the God who prepared me for this work would give me grace and wisdom to do all things however hard it might be. He took me the next day and met the manager. I had a little fear but they appointed me as a manager for 51 people. My God is guiding me mightily.

By this time my wife's delivery time was approaching, no cash in hand, not even a month with work, we were admitted to the hospital. No one could help because they too were caught in the grip of the corona. I got a call from my friend at night and she said that I could get back the Rs 40,000 which I had saved with her cousin by tomorrow. How could I not realize the miracle of my God anymore? I saw his boundless grace. With faith that my God will lead me forward, I slept peacefully. The next day the baby was born. The joy in our face with a new born was mixed with the needs and bills as the 40000 rupees was not enough. God who fed Elijah with crows, fed me with my friends. Subsequent aids were done without me asking. When one of them told me that he had decided three months in advance to help with this matter, I felt more and more the love of my God and His provisions. During the most turbulent period of my life, when my condition was left behind, and where I was utterly exhausted mentally, and among the relatives who had left me on the ground, without receiving any mercy from those with whom I worked hard for the old office only God’s grace and mercy uphold me. When I went in knees before my Lord, 

He was my help and refuge. Thank God for caring everything for me. Tongues are not enough; words of praise are not enough.

I can take full pleasure and gratitude to him for sharing his boundless love with others through this witness. God has foreordained a plan for us, and we can be confident of success with His words, Amen. Praise the Lord.


Bro . Edin Barough