About GAW: (Pic GAW LOGO)

Gideon's Army of Worship

Gideon's Army of Worship is a youth ministry, to help young ones to remember their creator in their days of youth, under Devasitham Ministries which is a registered body with Govt. of India.

We focus completely on youths from schools, colleges to corporate by developing their character, personalities and encouraging them to create worshipping styles for god and life characterized based on the word of God during all our programs.

Informative, Innovative and Inclusive are the unique features of our programs that enable a person to develop personally, professionally and spiritually. So far many hundreds have been touched and had a great transformation in their lives by the grace of God.

GAW operates with the caption "praises never ceases" and with foundational values of prayer, faith and sacrifice.

We believe strongly that worship is not just a service or style but it's the way of life. God is looking for the true worshipper who really loves him and willing to take his power to the nations.

GAW believes in preparing those young true worshippers by taking them into the next level of the spiritual life where they will start using the authority and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

GAW is lead by consecrated servant of God with great vision powered by the Holy Spirit. Called and chosen, the dedication and commitment of servant of God are the blessing to this vision and to many lives.

Accompanied by a team of youths equipped and empowered by the same vision is the salient feature of our operation. We strongly believe and practice in transformation through transformed youths and inspiration through inspired youths.


Vision statement:

Vision to reach, transform and inspire youths who intern can reach, transform and inspire others and nations.


To reach out 50,000 youths by the year 2025 with an exclusive openings of ten branches and to build mobile church to reach out 100 villages.