Trumphet Horns


WWF: Worship Warriors Friday


Worship is not traditional or time pass but it is a lifestyle. Bible says “Remember in your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, I find no pleasure in them”. WWF enables a youngster to connect with the creator through music, praise and worship, creative and much more to worship him freely and passionately.

WWF happens on every first and third Friday in a month at 7:00 PM in GAW centre.

CBZ: Character Building Zession


Good character knows no boundaries. Character is more than visuals. The word character comes from the Greek word ‘Kharakter’ that means ‘engraved mark’. In this CBZ we will study the Bible characters and apply to engrave them to our young life and leave them to leave a victorious Christian life. A proverb from Steve Jobs (Apple founder) says ..”Upto 30 years you can build your character, after 30 the character that you built will build you “ and other saying goes like this ‘anyone can reach to the top position with your hard work in your life but to stay at the top position only your character helps. CBZ helps the young life to build a character according to the Bible word. CBZ happens on 2nd and 4th Sunday at 6.30 PM in GAW center.

WWW - Worldwide Wonder Women


This concept is to empower and develop women, to identify their hidden talents and bring them to limelight ….WWW happens on every Saturday 4.30pm.

The first week of the month is Women of Worship. Creating a worship lifestyle, praising God and worshiping him in Holiness, possessing a heart of gratitude are the focus of this program.

The second week is Women of Warfare. 2 common issues are focused and intercessory prayers with tears are raised and also prayers were done for the prayer requests dropped in the prayer box kept in the worship centre ….

The third week is Women of Empowerment. In order to develop the practical skills of leadership and to empower young women talks and discussions happens with influential and achieved women.

The fourth week is Women of Development. Skills related to Home arts, home made foods, embroidery, paper bag making , greeting cards making are developed enabling them to excel in handicrafts and to develop entrepreneurship…..


Frndz Inn

FRNDZ INN is a creative program organized for the younger generation at 8 different Zones to bring values to their Professional, Personal & Spiritual life under the caption “A New beginning for a refreshing life”. Zonal youths at each zone meet together on every Tuesday or Wednesday at their respected zonal area in a friends house.

The Frndz inn tone is set by one or two songs initially followed by sharing a motivational video and general news where the youths get inspired and equipped with latest information in and around them which even help them to set first & best tone at their workplace. In continuation of sharing the general news, small game like activity will be encouraged and finally the journey ends with the word of god and prayer.

TNPSC: Thursday National Prayer Supporting Corps


We pray for our India and Perishing souls. Indians should know the true God and turn from all evils and wickedness to eternal God and Life. TNPSC has 7 vision prayer points. We pray for people, politicians, other religious groups, administrators and civil servants, media, entrepreuners and youths. It is a prayer to touch the heart of Jesus as he died that every man should be saved and receive eternal life.

24/1 hrs House of Prayer Chain

HOP is a chain of prayer warriors standing on knees for India, Perishing souls and Israel. Prayer warriors pour their heart and soul in praying and intercessing ceaselessly with faith and hope to bring healing and salvation to nations. HOP happens on every Friday and hopes to build 24/7 365 days, uniting all the nations and prayer warriors.

Battle Field

Every Saturday 10pm to 12pm GAW team prays for the ministries and tasks to happen on the particular and give thanks for the current week for all the small and great things given to us.

Nee thevai Church Evangelical Mission

  • You are wanted” mission began April’13
  • Until Jan 2016 we covered 65 Churches in 10 Districts
  • The Mission is carried with a Powerful testimony, a song from the Album and a motivating and revelation message
  • Spiritual growth and revival are witnessed in this journey
  • 2020 we have planned to reach 500 churches more

Promise Meet

Promise Meet

Every month 1st day 5am GAW members begin the month with praise and worship and rededicating their life in the presence of God and participating in God’s table. On this day they offer praises for the previous month and receives grace and anointing for the new month. After the meet the team fellowships with breakfast.

GPM: Golden Pot Manna

This initiative is organized to instill an interest among youngsters to read the scriptures and there by to apply it in their lives…

Every month a specific book is chosen and quiz would be conducted in 9 rounds among 8 teams with 4 members in each team.

New innovative, fun filled and informative Quiz that thrills and triggers the competitive spirit for the word of God is the hall mark of GPM. The one who answers the best is chosen as Man/woman of quiz.

Many where encouraged to read and meditate the scriptures and lot many testified that they were empowered spiritually by meditating Gods word.

For the first time in 2019 this bible quiz for 10 districts and the finals in Chennai is planned along with shekinah with exciting prizes for the winners…..

EL CABALLO: Students supporting ministry

El Caballo

Students appearing for board exams are under tremendous stress, anxiety and expectations. GAW decided to stand with them at this hour of need.

Support Student Through

  • Prayer
  • Counseling
  • Motivational talk
  • Tips and techniques
  • Testimonies


  • Powernite is an all night prayer to tarry and receive the power of the holyspirit.
  • It is a kind of Recharging an individual.
  • Without God’s power we cannot lead a holy life and God pleasing life.
  • It’s all about prayer and conversation with God with few songs

3C Mediatation


3C is a mission to prepare an individual before Easter through prayer, penance and meditation. This also gives an opportunity to experience the love of God and passion for Jesus Christ.

The focal points of meditation are:

  1. Calvary – Place where we are reconciled
  2. Cross – How we are reconciled
  3. Christ – Through whom we are reconciled



Shekinah is a an outreach meeting to inspire youths who have already known Jesus and to bring youths who doesn’t know Jesus. It is a youth festival, carnival and revival with competitions and awards. 2019 sees the 10th year of journey and urged to take the vision to 10 districts

KWW: Kids Worship Warriors


KWW is an initiative similar to VBS organized in the first week of May (annual vocational bible time ) children in the age group of 6 - 14 will be the focus of this programme ,which happens for a week …To make them know the gospel as a tender age that they can hold onto as they grow up.

Children are categorized based on their age as beginners,primary,junior and senior .They will be taught bible stories, action songs, memory verses and will be indulged in creative arts and games ,most importantly they will be guided and supported to pray for their problems and to be thankful for their blessings ….


The final day of KWW will witness a mighty out pour of the Holy spirit upon these children …The program closes with gifts for the kids who won in competitions with scrumptious meal….

Bible portions will be prepared ahead based on a specific theme and nearly 15 teachers, 30 volunteers and 300 children would take part every year…..

Mission Field


Each year we set ourselves on a mission journey in search of unreached and to bring smile on the faces. Youngsters with a different and unique spirit joins together and set the travel with a Van full of goods and a car. Every year the journey is not a simple but a test for adaptability, long suffering, endurability and serving at any time and at any cost.


It is always a great time of serving, ministering, emphasizing education, interacting with young and enthusiastic crowd and fortunate to participate in their customs and tradition. We see the joy knows no bounds when they receive the clothes and goods. Mission field is always the best chance to make difference in people’s lives and improve the world. To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

GAW Odisha Mission

Odisha Mission Odisha Mission

Our first mission to Orissa was in June 2012 along with White cross ministries. It was a great experience and was at awe when we saw the work of God going in such a remote place. The food, customs, language and the life style was entirely different and our GAW members were quick to adapt to this situation. Thriving souls amidst lack of basic amenities like roads, transport, schools, colleges, medical stores… etc opened our hearts and mind to take the love of Jesus to the unreached areas. Spirits of missionaries and nat love,care of the natives inspired us and made our moments lighter. We served 7 tribal regions of Koluva, Katinga, Goberkutty, Kondhakeri, Kakkathunga, Dekaponga and Adava. God though his signs and wonders did mighty things. Many were slained in the spirit and received a fresh anointing in their life. The first evening meeting was held in a dim light as the team started ministering the spirit of God moved in the place and many received the new touch of God. Particularly we walked nearly three and half hours to reach a place to minister to few people there . When we reached down the mountain the villagers came to know about us and around 200 people gathered quickly and spreaded out their mats on the road requested us to tell more about the lord and to pray for them . We saw a great spirit of God working in the midst of the people.

Odisha Mission

In Goberkutty when we started the prayer we had in the verandha of a house. Spirit of God asked us to have this in the open area outside the house . I asked them to put mats outside and we started ministering. While it was on, many started gathering. One young man was standing at a long distance and was listening to the songs and message. At the end of the message the prayer call was given. This young man ran a fast and stood first requesting prayer. Bro asked him whether he wants the touch and power of God. He said yes and as the prayer went when the spirit of God started moving he was slained and spirit of God asked him to pick for all him up and again he was slained. The whole village witnessed this and many turned for prayers bringing their children. Suddenly the place was vibrant but we couldn’t pray as we have to leave before 6pm due to restricted areas laws. The final day GAW members cooked biriyani for the entire village and the people were served food. It was a great blessing to minister among these tribal people.

Future Mission

Odisha Mission

Kandhamal was more in news in 2011 due to the communal violence as mobs burnt churches and drove the ministers away. There is no church in kandhamal. The people of God are worshiping under a banyan tree. We have planned to build a church in Kandhamal.

The literacy rate is too poor due to the lack of awareness on importance of education and also due to the lack of transport, which de-motivated the children to travel a long distance for their schools. To sort out this issue, the project team has decided to build a solar powered study centre in “Koluva”, training centre in “Adava” and to train a person from the tribal community as a mentor to ensure sustainable development.

If you have an urge to support these missions please contact “Devasitham Ministries”

FPL: FRNDZ INN Premier League

FPL is a sports ministry connecting youths through sports especially football. 8 zones were segregated and invited to play football with fun, food and fellowship. This happens before Independence day and prizes are distributed with Independence day celebration.


Christmas Carols & Cut the Cake


When Christ was born the angels gathered and sang carols. GAW takes carols in a non traditional way of spreading the birth of the savior Jesus Christ. Normally carols happens within the Christian families but GAW has taken a step to reach out non Christians, poor, slums and disabled people. It generally happens 2 weeks before Christmas.


Christmas is the day to celebrate the unique love of God showered on the human kind. Christmas is an opportunity to introduce people to a person. GAW invites new youths for a celebration of love, peace and joy. Christmas eve film show on the life of Jesus Christ is shown. Normally Christmas happens within the Christian families & Churches but GAW has taken a step to reach out non Christians, poor, slums and disabled people. It generally happens in the evening of Christmas with a feast at the end.



Arise is a leadership training program for those whose are equipped in GAW and also for the future leaders. It is a 3 days camp conducted every year in the last week of December. Those attending in this program are trained to be the best leaders to perform in all the Ministry activities for the upcoming year. Bro Alfred Benjamin the man behind the vision strives to seed these leaders basically youngsters between the age of 16 to 30, training them with all the best Corporate style activities , shaping their future and a new transformation happens to their personal, professional and Spiritual race.


Morning devotion, beach walk, Anointing session, camp fire, Worship and prayer are some of the best part along with the training session. Finally in the end of the camp, every leader’s takes a perfect decision to fix their goals in personal, professional and spiritual life with a new strength as Eagle to Arise and shine.