Our Mission & Vision

Minister in Charge and his services

Bro. Alfred Benjamin, a man called before hand as his workmanship, anointed for his service at the age of 15 reflects his glory faithfully bringing the revival among nations through many crusades is the founder of the Devasitham Ministries. Giving himself wholly after a 10yrs service in the corporate sector as the head of operations is now working specially among youths and is the worship leader of the band Gideon’s Army of Worship. Spreading the gospel with much passionate to reach out unreached souls going to unreached places , he started his ministry with a small team after a personal encounter with god, he has been prophetically called to be a witness for the holy spirit. Psalms132:13-18 is the word of god given for his special mission prophetically from the man of God Father Berchmans.

In many nations/church meetings fiery anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit impacts the lives of many those who attends and equips God’s people through effective preaching of the word of God with all authority and ferventness.

If you want to use in your church/ministry/fellowship here are the various services:

Services offered:

  1. Word of god as message
  2. Special anointing service
  3. Praise and worship leading with GAW band
  4. Special meetings and conventions
  5. Bible quizzes
  6. Special Youth meetings