Gideon's Army of Worship

Sis. Priya Selva


While I was pursuing MCA I accepted Jesus as my saviour on 2008. I got anointed and God showed me visions every time. This was continuing since I got a job. Once I got the job I slightly moved away from God, I couldn't renew my anointing. The spiritual church was focussing more on spiritual things but had several questions and confusions about professional and personal life. Asked God and I was waiting for a reply. Year's Passed, 2013 married Selva, heard more testimony from him. I had a question like how could a corporate man or successful person can worship God leaving all his luxuries. I was too traditional and entered GAW with a lot of question and Zero expectation on 2014. But what I saw was entirely different; the man of God was preaching the Bible verses in depth. The worshipping style is totally different here. That day I really enjoyed a lot. God answered my question through Anna, taught that Personal, Professional and Spiritual are interlinked. God renewed me with Holy Spirit and blessed with new tongues.

I asked God to show me the vision to connect with GAW and DCF. He has shown me a vision that Anna was presenting sewing machines for underprivileged women in an open stage, myself and few more sisters are helping him. I believe God has chosen me to give fruitful life. I received blessing through GAW a lot.

First is Love, all GAW members are shown more affection on my family especially kids. So many struggles and obstacles I faced in my personal life, many souls in GAW are praying for us, so God’s covenant is covered upon my family. He is the one holding my hand whenever I’m fed up, He is reminding my calling because he is the one holding my hand not me. Praise the Lord.

Bro. Prem


_Accepting Christ as my saviour was an easy task for me as I was born and brought up in a Christian family. But living with Christ was a challenge , though we use read bible and go to church regularly_ .

_I was taught of more bible verse in my childhood but I was not experimenting those verses in my daily life which was real gap in living with Christ_.

_And finally after experiencing all bad experience in this world, God touched me through his words when I first started reading proverbs and to my surprise all the evil things I was overcoming has been mentioned in the proverb and that day I started trying to living with Christ and worship him through the musical skill he gave me and i am still trying to love him more as he gave himself on the cross for my sin_.

_Sustaining in the above faith was so difficult for me as I was not participating in any spiritual fellowship and in 2009 still I remember when alfred Anna use to invite me for the fellowship regularly and after 3 to 4 months of his nonstop invitation I went to the prayer and joined the team and that is how the journey has come now till 2019 and 10 years in GAW was really a blessed life in all my spiritual professional and personal career_.

Sis. Jennifer


By birth I came from a non christian family, but I heard about Jesus by going to VBS and by grandparents. At the age of 6 years, I lost my dad. My mom accepted Jesus as a savior as she was touched by his words. Then as usual Christian life started. But I didn't live with Christ. At the age of 12, Alfred Bro mom showed me the way to go for TPM sunday class that was my turning point. I started loving bible, Jesus. At the age of 14, mother stopped me to go to Sunday class. I cried a lot with Jesus and prayed for continuing this bond.Then crossed so many years, enjoyed in world entertainment.

First my brother started going to GAW, I won't allow him, but he won't bother. Then one day marriage alliance came by Anbu uncle ( Alfred Bro's dad).

I was happy with TPM background, uncle also told in the same way. Mom also accepted. At that time I really thanked God.

Next, my spiritual life started by Edin bro, because of him I entered GAW, then Alfred Bro words, talking manner, messages, worship all inspired me to attend again and again. From 2012 I started to attend GAW, till continuing and it’s all in the grace of Jesus. 2019 new year also I am thinking that Jesus will never leave our path, he will connect wherever we go. Really it happens to me.

GAW, helps my spiritual growth, personal development too. Thank you Lord.

Bro. Vijay


I know God in the age of 10. In my life god did lot of #Miracles. My first miracle was when I was studying in 8th std, affected with severe typhoid fever. I went to so many hospitals but no recovery, I was admitted in St.Thomas Mount hospital. I was in such a state that I didn't know hospital name. In 12days I forgot everything in my life and I was living in unconscious mind e.g if someone asks me where is your mom I told my mom in house but my mom will be sitting with me. My mom & dad cried for my situation & seriousness. Finally someone said to get admitted in Egmore baby hospital.but before that my uncle said to my dad that he knew a Pastor and let’s go to pray. So we went to church and one brother came and touched my head and prayed for me. Suddenly I recovered and conscious came back. Like this so many miracles in my life happened.

I came back to spiritual life in 2018. I attended Shekinah meeting and that was a turning point in my life. Brother Alfred helped and encouraged to build my spiritual life not only me but so many spiritual lives he has developed. Thanks to Jesus and Brother #Alfred Benjamin...